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by Jack Kenny


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December 2006 Issue

From the streets of Havana to the cane fields of rural Cuba, travel across the country with Jack Kenny, who has been photographing Cuba for more than nine years.

“I do not believe in the ‘impartial objectivity’ of photography. In another sense, a place, subject or topic can be seen in many different ways. The most common way is from the outside in, resulting in the superficial point of view of an “outsider”. The other way is from the inside out, becoming a part of your topic or subject to try to arrive at the center of what you want to say. This is the work of Jack Kenny.”

Roberto Salas is a member of the “Cuban Epic Photographers” of the sixties.

“Jack Kenny’s photographs are a compassionate window onto the everyday beauty and longing of the Cuban people. Kenny takes us with him on his travels around the island of Cuba, capturing the grace that hides out in humble villages in the countryside and the street energy that literally explodes throughout the city of Havana. We learn how life is lived in Cuba today, with equal parts joy and uncertainty, and with the unending generosity that is the hallmark of the Cuban spirit.”

Ruth Behar, professor of Anthropology at the University of Michigan

“What is most special about Jack Kenny’s photographs is the way he has captured a striking characteristic of Cuba: its sense of intimacy. Getting to know Cuba is like being pulled into the warmth of a family. That shared intimacy -- between Cubans, between photographer and subject, between a Cuban and his or her emotional and physical landscape -- is what is touching and unusual about the people there. There are few barriers between “them” and “us.” These photographs will make you want to be there, in Cuba, with these enticingly direct people.”

Sandra Levinson, Center for Cuban Studies, New York City

120 pages - Hardcover
11.5” x11.5” 100# McCoy Silk
106 Duo-tone images
Ann Arbor, MI USA
ISBN 0-9768349-056500


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